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Analyzer quick start

Three basic steps are required to generate a new analysis. Depending on the analysis that you want to perform, you may not require to modify all fields, but it's important to understand the whole range of options that Essential Stats brings you, in order to read correctly the results:

Step 1

Define your scenario

  1. Stats: Select the stat that you want you test: goals, corners, freekicks...
  2. Comparer: The type of comparison that you want to apply, there are 3 types:
    • Over: Check the matches where some stat is greater than value
    • Under: Check the matches where some stat is less than value
    • Handicap: Check the matches where the result is better than the rival's even with some initial advantage value
  3. Value: is the "value" that we want to check with the selected stat and comparer.
  4. Matches: How many matches are we going to include in the analysis.
  5. Team: select the team that you want to analyze.
  6. Stat type: There are 3 types:
    • Total: Check the selected stat combining the performance of the selected team and each of its rivals.
    • For: Check the selected stat as made by the selected team.
    • Against: Check the selected stat as conceded by the selected team.
Step 2


  1. Allows you to filter the matches within the place where were played: Home, Away or neutral field
  2. Filter the results by match time.
  3. Advanced filters including:
    • Coach
    • Season
    • Competition
    • Team lineups
Step 3

See the results

  1. Shows the percentage of filtered matches where the selected scenario was fulfilled. The second value, represents the number of matches where the results draw with the selected value (see step 1 point 3).
  2. Historical results per match that are being analyzed.

Smart analysis

Just three steps:
Select stat Apply filters See results!
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* Stats availability may differ between teams and leagues.

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